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  • Do you have any covers for this swing?

    We do not have covers for the swings and we don’t recommend them. Covers tend to trap moisture which can lead to molding or mildew.

    If you do find a cover that fits this swing, make sure they have plenty of breathing holes for air to pass through.

  • Is the canopy included?

    No, the canopy is not included. You can get the canopy here

  • How much weight can a Lakeland Mills Cedar Log 5’ Yard Swing hold? How much are you able to swing before hitting stabilizer bar on frame?

    The weight limit is 750 lbs. You can hit the support bars but not with much force. That’s with someone physically pushing it.

  • What is the main difference between the "Cedar Log 5 Yard Swing" and the "Country Garden Yard Swing?" How long will shipping be if I placed an order to Illinois and is set-up of the swing difficult? Thank you in advance.

    Please refer to this documentation on the differences between the "Cedar Log 5 Yard Swing" and the "Country Garden Yard Swing", Yard Swing & Country Garden Yard Swing Differences

    As of 5/4/21, the Expected Delivery Date is Jun 01, 2021 - Jun 08, 2021.

  • Tell me what type of hardware is used is it galvanized or stainless ? nails or screws? Thank you

    Galvanized Hardware is used. The Bolts, Screws, Washers, & Nuts are included when purchased.

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