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Best Price Guarantee

Want to be sure you're paying the lowest price?

We guarantee it.

We realize how important price is when making a purchasing decision. We want you to feel confident we are providing the best value to you.

With our Price Match Guarantee, you can:

  • Be confident you'll always get the best price and value
  • Get a refund on prices you've got with a coupon or discount
  • Get your refund immediately, although your bank can take up to 3-7 days to process it
  • Be happy you will be 100% satisfied

If you see a better total price* online for the exact same product you are considering on our website, we'll beat it by 5%.

*Total price includes the item price, all shipping costs, and taxes.

Two easy steps to get the best price match:

  • Let us know the Shipping zip code where your purchased item was delivered
  • Simply send us the link or screenshot of the webpage to us at or call us at 833-278-7842

We will review your claim and let you know very quickly on the outcome.

That's it!