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rustic furniture for new homes

Buyers Guide: Your Guide to Rustic Furniture for New Homes

Rustic furniture in a new home almost feels like an oxymoron, right? 

How can you aesthetically combine earthy, rugged, and rustic pieces with the clean lines of a modern home?

The trick is to lean into the characteristics that both rustic and contemporary styles share. This boils down to the maxim that less is more.

It’s tempting to go crazy on rustic pieces to try to achieve that cozy, lived-in-cabin vibe. 

However, filling your new home with such pieces can create a cluttered, overwhelming feeling. Instead, you want a few, high-quality rustic pieces to be the focal point of your aesthetic.

To help you choose the best centerpieces for your home, we’ve curated:

  • Three essential decor pieces to anchor the rustic aesthetic in your home
  • Complementary pieces to help you build cohesive spaces
  • Useful tips on rustic style elements and prices

Categories of Rustic Furniture to Choose From

Decorating your new home can be daunting. What to choose and what to leave?

The best approach is to start with one rustic piece per room or area of the home.

We’ve grouped our rustic furniture into the categories you’ll most likely choose from:

  • Dining room furniture: Complete rustic dining sets for both indoor and outdoor use, which can be purchased separately 
  • Bedroom furniture: High-quality wood and log furniture, including bunk beds and dressers
  • Outdoor furniture: Durable, functional, and stylish pieces for your deck, patio, or backyard, including benches, swings, fire pits, and more
  • Gliders and rockers: Whether you like the sway of a rocker or the smoother ride of a glider, this collection has something for you
  • Bar and entertainment furniture: A rich selection to help you achieve a welcoming ambience and style, wherever you choose to entertain

Let's explore three essential decor pieces and their features in more detail.

1 - Viking Log Barnwood Trestle Table

What could be more perfect for your rustic or farmhouse dining area than the VIKING LOG BARNWOOD TRESTLE TABLE?

Made by Viking Log Furniture, who’ve made high-quality rustic furniture for over 40 years, the trestle table is built to outlast the apocalypse. Okay, maybe not quite, but it’ll certainly weather the decades and look better for it.

The rustic tabletop is constructed by gluing two-inch rough-sawn pine pieces of wood together. Only 4 x 4 inch rough-sawn pine timbers make up the trestle legs. The result is a durable, reclaimed furniture look done affordably.

Important Features of the Viking Log Barnwood Trestle Table

  • Reclaimed wood aesthetic: The rough-hewn wood style of this table mimics the timeless reclaimed wood appearance at an affordable price. It will develop a weathered patina over the years, looking more charming the more you use it.
  • Solid wood tabletop: Constructed from gluing two-inch pieces of rough-sawn pine wood together, the solid wood tabletop is impressively sturdy and will last for years, becoming an heirloom piece.
  • Trestle table legs: Trestle legs, made from barnwood beams, form a tripod-like base for the table. They’re space-saving, and allow you to optimize corners and ends for more seating.
  • Customizable size: If the trestle design doesn’t cut it space-wise, we can customize the table to 5–7 feet. We can also add a 24-inch leaf to accommodate your hosting needs.

What to Pair With the Viking Log Barnwood Trestle Table

So, you love the trestle table as much as we do. What chair design best complements it?

The dining chairs you choose can improve your rustic style dining room while adding a touch that’s uniquely you.

The table below compares the best companion chairs for the VIKING LOG BARNWOOD TRESTLE TABLE.

Rustic Dining Chair Why We Love It With The Rustic Trestle Table

Viking Log Barnwood Dining Chair


  • Same traditional farmhouse design as the pine wood table
  • Customizable into a dark wood or weathered gray finish
  • Extra comfortable saddle seat design

Barkman Furniture Christy Fanback Side Chair


  • Fan back spindle design provides an airy counterpoint to the heavy design of the table
  • Dark finish on the maple and elm wood contrasts beautifully with the creamy midtones of the pine table
  • Timeless design that will serve you for as long as the table
  • Available in the armrest design, which is perfect for the head of the table

Barkman Furniture Strada Base Live Edge Bench


  • Creates a more spacious feeling since it doesn’t break the visual flow of the dining area
  • Anchors close to the ground, balancing out the top-heaviness of the table
  • Can fit more people in a pinch

 Barkman Furniture Christy Dining Arm Chair


  • Classic Windsor style that’s a staple of the farmhouse style and will elevate the dining area
  • Dark wood finish adds a bold and inviting contrast to the table’s honey tone

 Viking Log Sawtooth Hickory Dining Chair


  • Perfectly melds the rough-hewn wood look with a visually lighter design to balance the table’s solidity
  • Made from hickory, a hard and durable wood that isn’t heavy

Regardless of which dining chair you choose, the combination of the rich pine wood grain and the clean lines of the VIKING LOG BARNWOOD TRESTLE TABLE make it the perfect rustic furniture piece for your modern dining and living area.

It’s a statement piece that’ll be the center of your rustic decor, and we love that it provides a cozy counterpoint to all the clean lines of a new home.

Check out the updated price of the VIKING LOG BARNWOOD TRESTLE TABLE.

2 - Viking Log Rocky Creek Sawtooth Hickory Bed

Doesn’t this bed just make you think of cozy winter nights at a ski lodge with the fire crackling away?

The VIKING LOG ROCKY CREEK SAWTOOTH HICKORY BED, made by Viking Log Furniture, celebrates one of the best parts of rustic style—the unpretentious, rugged look of exposed wood.

The knots and marks in the wood give this sturdy bed character, which will anchor the rustic decor in your bedroom.

Important Features of Viking Log Rocky Creek Sawtooth Hickory Bed

  • Hand-selected Norway pine: Each piece of pine wood is carefully selected for its beautiful knots and imperfections, resulting in a one-of-a-kind look.
  • Hickory log accents: Hickory logs, at the corners of the bed and in between the pine pieces, provide a darker accent to mid-tone pine wood, adding yet another layer of character to a piece.
  • Optional under-bed storage: This feature is for you if you’re short on storage. The under-bed drawers match the bed’s aesthetic and provide accessible storage for extra linens and other items.
  • Optional low profile footboard: If you kick off your bedding, you’ll love this footboard. Apart from keeping your toes safe from the boogie man, a footboard makes the bed look grand and unbelievably cozy. 

What to Pair With the Viking Log Rocky Creek Sawtooth Hickory Bed

To complete your rustic bedroom, you need smaller furniture pieces, such as a nightstand, bench, and dresser.

Remember, choosing pieces that match with your bed will result in a traditional, staid effect, while breaking it up with contrasting pieces will give a more modern rustic feel. Here are a few ideas.

Viking Log Sawtooth Hickory Six Drawer Dresser Viking Log Sawtooth Hickory Dresser Mirror Viking Log Wilderness 2 Drawer Nightstand
Viking Log Half Log Bench Peachey & Company Multiple Cubby Hall Bench Barkman Furniture Live Edge Bench with Double Curved Base

Your VIKING LOG ROCKY CREEK SAWTOOTH HICKORY BED is a one-of-a-kind piece that will last for decades and add a cozy, homespun feel to your bedroom.

You’ll love the extra under-bed storage and footboard, which both elevate the bed functionally and aesthetically. Best of all, the exposed wood brings in soft, organic elements to counter the sleek, modern lines of new homes.

View its updated price and available dimensions below.

3 - Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Visa-Tete

Is it really a rustic furniture guide if we don’t talk about a few gorgeous outdoor options?

The LAKELAND MILLS CEDAR LOG VISA-TETE is one of our best selling outdoor furniture pieces, and with good reason.

It’s built in an attractive curved design that invites you to lounge on it. You'll be enjoying your yard more often thanks to this bench. It also includes a convenient little tabletop to place your drink as you unwind.

The cherry on top is the cedar wood; a great all-weather wood with a natural resistance to decay. It will age naturally to a silvery-gray if you choose not to finish it.

Important Features of Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Visa-Tete

  • Contoured seat slats: Whether you’re tall or fun-sized, the contoured edges of the bench slats won't cut into the back of your knees. 
  • Slatted, pine tabletop: Slats allow for breathability, which means your tabletop and bench have the room to shift as they respond to the weather. 
  • Umbrella hole: Come rain, come shine, you can sit outside and enjoy your rustic bench.
  • Curved design: The chairs angle towards each other, creating a perfect conversational focal point.

What to Pair With the Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Visa-Tete

The idea is to create cozy areas in your yard that invite people to congregate and settle in for a long chat.

With that in mind, consider complementing the LAKELAND MILLS CEDAR LOG VISA-TETE with a reclaimed wine barrel fire pit or an additional set of picnic or garden benches.

A porch swing adds a bit of whimsy to your outdoor setup too.

Creekvine Designs 64 treated pine fanback garden bench Creekvine Designs Treated Pine Round Table Creekvine Designs Cedar Twin Ponds Bench Set
Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Tete-A-Tete Porch Swing Lakeland Mills 6’ Log Picnic Table with Attached Benches Vin de Flame Moderna Fire Pit with Smooth Barrel Stave Sides

What we love most about the LAKELAND MILLS CEDAR LOG VISA-TETE is that it’s a triple threat.

It’s a charming combination of French country aesthetic with functionality. This comes from the curved design and attached tabletop, plus the durability of cedar wood.

It’s guaranteed to last for decades and age better than fine wine. Check the updated price below.

What Is Rustic Furniture?

Rustic furniture was an iconic feature of 19th century American frontier homesteads. It prioritized simple, functional pieces that used locally available materials left in their natural state.

Today, rustic furniture is that which incorporates clean lines and finishes into the rough hewn natural materials and organic shapes typical of a rustic style.

Advantages of Rustic Furniture

When you picture the origins of the rustic style (the early 19th century American frontier), the advantages of rustic furniture jump out at you.

Rustic furniture is:

  • Practical and functional, honoring the frontier origins of the decor style
  • Calm, since the pieces feature natural tones that echo the colors found in nature
  • Hardy and made to withstand heavy use, thanks to their tough, weathered materials
  • Versatile because it mixes well with decor styles, such as boho and French country
  • Timeless because the already weathered and rugged materials look better with age
  • Warm and cozy due to the natural materials that create a welcoming vibe in your home

Now, let’s look at some key elements that can help you identify rustic furniture as you furnish your new home.

Common Features of Rustic Furniture

When it comes to rustic furniture, you need natural materials in their raw, unadulterated state, aiming for pieces that channel the natural environment as much as possible.

We’re talking distressed metal, shiplap, knotty pine, exposed wood, field stone, and slate.

1 - Rough-Hewn Materials and Exposed Wood

Regardless of the materials chosen, the finish should leave an item’s rugged and raw surfaces intact. There’s no planing of wood or painting of pieces to make them uniform. 

Live edge and rough-sawn wood, as well as distressed finishes, are a hallmark of rustic furniture.

2 - Neutral or Natural Color Palette

A rustic style gravitates towards the neutral and natural tones found in nature, particularly the woodland palette. No Pepto-Bismol pink here!

Rustic furniture made today may incorporate the airiness of white and gray mid-tones to balance out darker earth tones.

Look for colors that fit in with the following:

  • Neutrals: Buttermilk, cream, wheat, stone, and straw
  • Earth tones: Chestnut, mushroom, amber, terracotta, and sepia
  • Spicy tones: Saffron, pumpkin, saffron, and baked apple
  • Solid colors and texture: rather than patterns

3 - Big and Cozy Furniture — Scale and Textiles

Rustic furniture looks best with natural and textured fabrics. Think cowhide, sheepskin, homespun cotton, burlap, and plaid.

These fabrics, applied to large-scale pieces and overstuffed chairs, give rustic furniture its signature cozy and lived-in feel.

Price Range

Rustic furniture prices fluctuate greatly because pieces are handmade by highly skilled artisans, using high-quality reclaimed or natural materials.

That said, at Rustic Furniture Marketplace, we’re passionate about making rustic furniture accessible and affordable for enthusiasts thanks to our partnerships with artisans.

Below is a table comparing the range of prices you can expect across our rustic furniture collections.

Rustic Furniture Piece Low Price High Price
Beds $820 $2,300
Dressers $460 $6,400
Nightstands $250 $2,350
Dining tables $1,200 $3,260
Dining chairs and benches (per piece) $660 $2,350
Outdoor furniture $160 $6,400
Living room chairs $800 $2,300
Living room tables and end tables $150 $1,600

While striking, this huge price range actually works in your favor. You can settle on a budget for each room and select pieces that’ll satisfy your preferences and keep your wallet happy.

We also offer payment plans to make furnishing your new rustic home a seamless process.

Start by browsing our best seller rustic collection.

less is more, therefore, choose few high-quality pieces

What Others Have Said About Rustic Furniture Marketplace

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our customers have had to say about Rustic Furniture Marketplace.

They’ve loved the:

  • Outstanding service
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Comfortable, practical design
  • Beautiful and unique style of the pieces
  • Sturdiness and durability of each piece
  • 100 percent USA manufactured

"Workmanship, style, comfort, and looks all came together with this product and it arrived in less than two weeks. It’s great that it’s 100% made in the USA."

— David D., United States

"The TeTe bench is beautiful and the most comfortable I have sat in … Thinking about getting a rocker."

— Cecilia P., United States

"We wanted something unique and it sure fit the bill … extremely durable and … adds some class to the front of our house. I was particularly impressed with the service."

— Paul W., Oregon, United States

"The Rustic Furniture service team is top-notch! The swing got so much use that the S hooks wore down … Rich was super responsive and forwarded the replacement hardware immediately."

— Julie, New Hampshire, United States

"The workmanship was outstanding and the easy-to-assemble bench was seamless!!! We will enjoy this piece for years to come …. "

— Kimberlee A., Colorado, United States

"When Dan gave me this for Mother’s Day, I was overjoyed! Its beautiful rustic look, solid quality workmanship, and heavy duty weight capacity are sure to bring many years of enjoyment."

— Michele and Dan, Pennsylvania, United States

Furnish Your New Home With Rustic Furniture Marketplace

And so we come to the end of this extensive guide to rustic furniture. If you take nothing else from it, remember that with rustic furniture:

  • Less is more, so select a few high-quality pieces. 
  • Choose pieces that are as close to their natural, unadulterated look as possible.
  • Organic textures and shapes in rustic furniture soften the stark lines of new homes.
  • The quality of workmanship and materials will tell, so choose a vendor who’s giving you the best.

If you’re ready to level up the rustic charm in your home with high-quality, matchless rustic furniture, whet your palette by browsing our rustic furniture bestsellers.

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