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Log Beds: 4 Special Features You Should Look For

Log beds are perfect for bringing rustic charm and warmth to your room, especially if you’re keen on rustic decor.

From their sturdy construction to their intricate details, log beds come in all shapes, styles, and sizes.

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to choosing the perfect log bed for your room. Whether your preference is classic western styling, modern contemporary designs, or something entirely unique, chances are that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

In addition to design, log beds have other features you need to consider if you want a satisfying piece of rustic furniture.

These features are responsible for:

  • How long your bed will last
  • The quality of sleep you’ll get
  • Showing your support for eco-friendly products
  • The overall aesthetics of your room

Choosing the right bed with the right features is the key to making a good investment that ensures a good night's rest while improving the aesthetic of your room.

1 - Durable Construction

A good log bed has to be strong and more resistant to wear and tear.

When looking for a log bed, pay close attention to the:

  • Type of joinery used
  • Reinforcements in place
  • Wood used

High-quality logs usually come from woods like pine or cedar. They provide great durability as they can withstand significant weight without warping or cracking over time.

The next important aspect of a durable log bed is the type of joinery used, and the best one for log beds is mortise and tenon joinery.

Mortise and tenon joinery creates an interlocking connection between the bed frames, enabling the bed to withstand a great amount of weight and force without breaking.

In terms of reinforcements, consider a log bed with either metal fasteners or dowels, or both.

Metal fasteners include screws, rivets, clamps, retaining rings, and bolts. They provide additional strength and stability by reinforcing the wooden joints and preventing them from loosening over time. They also allow you to repair a damaged bed since they’re adjustable.

Dowels, especially double dowel reinforcement, are another good type of reinforcement that involves inserting a dowel rod into holes drilled in each piece of wood. Dowels create an interlocking connection just like the mortise and tenon joinery.

A well-made log bed not only adds beauty to any room but also provides long-term value with durability and longevity.

Investing in superior craftsmanship today means enjoying your log bed for many years to come without worrying about repairs or premature replacement.

2 - Comfort and Support

The whole point of a bed is to provide comfort and support for healthy, restful sleep.

To ensure your new log bed does what it’s supposed to, check for its mattress compatibility and added support such as the slat support system.

The slat support system provides adequate lumber support and ensures your mattress lasts longer by providing even weight distribution across its length.

Slats are long planks of wood or metal that lie across the width of the bed frame, creating the mattress's foundation. A good slat support has the slats positioned close together or reinforced by steel rods so the bed doesn’t sag over time.

There are two types of slats: solid slats and sprung slats. Here is a table comparing the two:

Feature Solid Slats Sprung Slats
Material Sturdy wood such as pine Flexible plywood like beech
Placement Flat and run across the width of the bed Placed in two rows that reach halfway across the bed to the center bar
Attachment Fixed to the bed frame Usually fixed in place using a plastic clip that slots into holes in the bed frame
Support Evenly spread pressure, improving lifespan Bend and arch upwards, giving a springy or bouncy feel, and acting as a shock absorber for the mattress
Longevity Offers improved lifespan Can help extend the mattress lifespan
Health Benefits Offers great support to the back area, and a firmer feel Offers more comfort

Check how comfortable the bed is by determining whether it’s compatible with the kind of mattress you own or about to purchase.

The first step is to check the size of the mattress and ensure it will fit within the frame well without any difficulty—buying a 5x6 bed frame isn't wise when your mattress is a 6x6.

It’s important to remember that not all mattresses are suitable for log frames due to their structure. Memory foam or pillow top mattresses need more cushioning than a traditional spring mattress in order to provide optimal comfort.

If you’re using an orthopedic mattress, check with your manufacturer before committing to a log bed.

Taking into consideration support systems and mattress compatibility can make all the difference in the comfort you get from your new log bed.

3 - Eco-Friendly Feature

Today’s world is conscious about the environment and many of us strive to make eco-friendly decisions that do not promote environmental pollution.

The following are ways you can know if the log bed you’re considering is eco-friendly.

lakeland mills cedar log low post double bed

Were the Materials Sourced Sustainably?

Consider investing in log beds made from a sustainable source of wood, such as reclaimed trees, or those certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC certification ensures that the logs were harvested responsibly and ethically, protecting forests around the world.

In addition to sustainable sourcing, pay attention to how the logs have been treated. While treatment aims to ensure the log has long-term resistance to decay and insects, the process and preservatives used need not pollute the environment.

For example, here at Rustic Furniture Marketplace, our products have eco-friendly finishes like waxes and oils, which are free of chemical additives and toxins.

Natural treatments keep chemicals out of our environment while also providing long-lasting protection against water damage and pests.

Was the Wood Used Reclaimed?

Another way to ascertain if the log bed you’re about to purchase is eco-friendly is if it was made from reclaimed wood.

Instead of cutting down trees, we can repurpose existing logs that are no longer in use. Logs from places like old buildings, fence posts, barns, and factories are ideal for repurposing.

By opting for reclaimed wood in your log bed, you’re helping take care of the environment and also supporting local businesses.

4 - Design and Style

You really want to be careful when buying a log bed because it reflects your taste and personality.

There are plenty of designs on the market, such as the log daybed, log platform, and many more, that can match any personal aesthetic preferences as well as blend with other pieces of furniture in your bedroom.

Some varieties feature a classic rustic look with natural wood tones, while others offer a more modern design. Rustic bedroom style goes beyond just the bed, as additional accessories such as styled rustic nightstands can also be used to complement the bed.

Log beds also come in different sizes, such as twin, full, queen, king, and California king. The right size for you will depend on the available space in your room and your preferences.

Make Your Bedroom Stand Out With a Log Bed

Log beds are unique pieces of furniture that can make your room stand out from normal-looking bedrooms. Their elegant design and style fill your room with rustic charm and warmth.

“This product was perfect for my wife and myself … We wanted something unique and it sure fit the bill. …”


As you transform your room into a cozy sanctuary, remember to consider the log bed's aesthetics (design and style) and functionality (comfort and support).

Consider, also, the durable construction aspect of the bed. A not-so-durable construction will not allow the bed to preserve its aesthetics and serve you properly.

To ensure that you get what you really deserve and a log bed that is deserving of your personality, shop with us at Rustic Furniture Marketplace.

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