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Outdoor Wood Furniture Considerations to Transform your Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor Wood Furniture Considerations to Transform your Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis

Enjoying the great outdoors is a favorite activity for almost everyone. After a day at work or school, it would be awesome to have the ultimate outdoor space to relax. However, you first must envision creating that outdoor space. Then putting together the outdoor space to match the style of your home, cabin, or area surrounding this oasis to be. However, there is some important information you should know before your imagination runs wild. 

Manufacturing Quality

One of the biggest factors to consider with outdoor wood furniture is making sure you will be getting a product to last for years to come. Take a look at the quality of the materials along with the workmanship of the manufacturer.

Here’s some tips on what to avoid with outdoor wood furniture:

  • Avoid Glued or Stapled Joints
  • Check all joints are sturdy
  • Hardware should be galvanized steel or have a rust proof coating
  • Hidden particle board
  • False laminates

The majority of outdoor wood furniture products come with galvanized steel hardware that will endure the toughest elements mother nature has to offer.

In the end, you want to have 100% confidence you will get the same quality that you would get with any indoor furniture purchase.

Weather Considerations

Mother nature can be downright nasty sometimes, it doesn’t matter where you live. You will want to take the necessary measures to ensure your wood furniture lasts. The elements of the hot sun, humidity, rain, and snow can take its toll on the wood year after year.

Depending on the conditions where you live, it would be a good idea to get some extra protection such as a sealant or finish. The good news is these sealants & finishes are available at your local hardware store if you choose to do it yourself. Some manufacturers may offer a sealant or finish for a minimal additional cost.

Another suggestion for protection is a covering or canopy. Not only will these protect your wood furniture outdoors but they can provide shade for the warm spring and summer months.

Some woods when left in their natural state will turn to a beautiful light gray color, giving it a rustic look.

Oasis Space & Functionality

Now that you have learned what to look for when purchasing outdoor wood furniture, let’s talk about the awesome space you want to bring to life. Design considerations include the size of your space, placed on a hard surface or grassy area, and will it be covered.

For example, you will need to consider if you have room for a pergola, picnic table, & fire pit you have desired. Or maybe you need a swing for the kids or grandkids. Porch swings can be a nice addition to spend time with that special someone.

So when considering any piece of furniture, we recommend getting the product dimensions along with the weight limits. Take those dimensions and configure your area a couple of different ways. Have fun with it!

Well-constructed wood furniture can last for 30 years or more. The outdoor oasis you create today could be passed down to your kids and maybe even your grandkids.

Storage for Fall/Winter

If you live in an area such as Minnesota or Montana with harsh winters, you may want to store your outdoor wood furniture in a shed, barn, or any other covered building. Before you store your furniture, you will want to clean it & prepare it for storage. This will help with the furniture lasting and it will be ready for use when you pull it out to use again the following spring.


Creating an amazing outdoor oasis has never been easier. There are many options to maximize backyard space & stay within your budget. You will be able to entertain family & friends comfortably while enjoying the long, hot summer days.

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