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12 Indoor and Outdoor Rustic Wood Benches

The rustic design style is a clear indication that sometimes (if not most times), beauty lies in the things deemed “imperfect”.

With their rugged, aged, and tough looks, rustic furniture pieces will quickly turn a space into a home, thanks to their warm and inviting ambiance.

There are endless variations of rustic furniture pieces, but today, we’ll be focusing on the versatile and timeless rustic wood benches.

Quality indoor and outdoor rustic wood benches are a lifetime investment that will add style to any surrounding, and with minimal effort.

This is because of the benches’ unique elements explained below:

  • They’re extremely versatile: Reclaimed woods are always in style and are a perfect companion to any type of furniture design. Investing in quality rustic wood benches means you can always use them to create your ideal look anywhere, and regardless of your interior design style.
  • They’re unique: No two pieces of rustic wood benches are the same. Rustic wood pieces have special lines, knots, and holes that are unique for every type of wood used. This gives the benches a distinctive characteristic that cannot be replicated.
  • They add texture and character: The natural wood grains, knots, lines, and holes in the rustic benches add character and texture to any room they occupy. Texture and character are important elements of a design since they help to tie your entire room together.

Rustic Furniture Marketplace features quality indoor and outdoor American-made rustic wood benches that will suit every personal style.

Let’s discuss them below, including their major styles and sizes.

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Indoor Rustic Wood Benches

Indoor rustic wood benches are versatile and timeless furniture pieces that will add style and comfort to any part of your house.

Whether in the living room, entryway, mudroom, or even in a spacious bedroom, these rustic furniture pieces will serve their purpose gracefully and aesthetically.

A rustic wooden bench placed along your entryway, for instance, will provide you with a place to sit while you put on or take off your shoes.

Other indoor rustic benches even come with extra storage space (like the one shown in the image below), making it easier to store your clothes, toys, shoes, and other miscellaneous items in your living room or bedroom.

Indoor rustic wood benches come in multiple styles, from distressed ones that have a more rustic and aged look to those with metallic accents perfect for a more modern look.

Let’s discuss the two main styles of indoor rustic wood benches below:

1 - Farmhouse Style

Just like every other rustic wooden furniture, farmhouse-style indoor wood benches prioritize comfort, practicality, and simplicity, and will complement every interior design style.

But what really makes the farmhouse-style indoor benches one of a kind is their exquisite finish

Rather than the characteristic wood finish observed in nearly all rustic furniture, these benches boast a more polished finish that gives them a smoother and finer look.

Even better, farmhouse-style indoor wood benches can be styled in multiple ways within your home’s interior. 

Let’s discuss a few of them below:

  • Create a functional and stylish entryway: An entryway farmhouse bench will not only create a rest stop to put your bag down or slip on your shoes, but it will also add charm to your living area and express your personality.
  • Make a statement with an end-of-the-bed bench: An excellent place to add your charming farmhouse bench is at the end of your bed, as it will help to accentuate the design of the room. It also provides the perfect sitting height to relax at the end of a busy day.
  • Create a comfortable seating area: Provide extra room for your large family or visitors in your living room with a farmhouse wood bench. Add pillows for extra comfort and coziness.

Rustic Furniture Marketplace offers a vast array of farmhouse rustic wood benches suitable for every space within your home.

Check out some of them in the table below.


Viking Log Sawtooth Hickory Six Drawer Dresser
  • Comes in three length options—72"L x 84"W x 96"H
  • Can be crafted from walnut, cherry, maple, or elm wood


Viking Log Sawtooth Hickory Six Drawer Dresser
  • Has a hardwood (Richmond) top finish
  • Dimensions of 78"L x 14"W x 18"H


Viking Log Sawtooth Hickory Six Drawer Dresser
  • Comes in two colors—gray elm and brown maple
  • Dimensions of 42"W x 15"D x 18"H

2 - Reclaimed Wood Style

Reclaimed wood benches are benches made from wood that once served a different purpose (also called repurposed wood).

This could be wood from old barns, construction sites, warehouses, and other wood structures such as old bridges, old concert halls, and bowling alleys.

The reclaimed wood gives these benches a distinct look and feel, not smooth like the farmhouse style benches, but rather bumpy, lumpy, and knotty in some areas, with uneven grain patterns and colors.

The reclaimed wood benches are more than just a design trend; they’re here to stay, and here are more reasons why you should invest in them:

  • Reclaimed wood benches have less environmental impact: Using reclaimed timber will lower the need for newer growth tree harvest, which in turn, helps to curb deforestation.
  • Reclaimed wood benches are incredibly durable: When it comes to durability and longevity, these wood benches take the lead. They have a denser makeup, are harder, and have dried for longer periods than newly sourced timber, making them generally stronger.
  • There are endless color varieties of reclaimed wood benches: Due to their multiple color tones that resulted from weathering, use, and exposure to sunlight or rain over time, reclaimed wooden benches come in different attractive color shades.

Rustic Furniture Marketplace offers a wide range of indoor reclaimed wood benches to fit your personal style.

Even if you have a more modern home, don’t shy away from trying our reclaimed wood benches, as they will still look good in a contemporary setting.

Simply contrast the wooden benches with something more modern like a sleek chandelier or a dining table with metallic legs for more interest.

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The table below shows some of our reclaimed wood benches and their key features.


Viking Log Sawtooth Hickory Six Drawer Dresser
  • Made out of two-inch thick solid rough sawn barn wood pine timbers
  • Legs made out of solid hickory logs


Viking Log Sawtooth Hickory Six Drawer Dresser
  • Copies the look of lodge pole frame construction in cabins and lodges
  • Logs are hand-peeled and hand-sanded before a clear finish is applied


Viking Log Sawtooth Hickory Six Drawer Dresser
  • Made from 100% solid wood
  • Can use a clear finish or a honey pine finish for added color

I’m very happy with my bench. It is just the right size and built very well. Thank you.

— Kristine K. Verified Buyer

Outdoor Rustic Wood Benches

Natural environments rich with flora, such as your backyard, become richer when adorned with quality outdoor rustic wood benches that aren’t just stylish but also functional.

These garden-ready benches will provide ample space to accommodate your family and friends while transforming the aesthetics of your current landscaping plan.

Outdoor rustic wood benches are generally constructed with specific considerations to the weather and other challenges they’ll face outside, such as invasion by wood-damaging insects like termites and ants.

As a result, these kinds of rustic wood benches are made with stronger wood types that can withstand harsh weather elements (snow, strong winds, and direct sun) and naturally resist rot and decay.

Check out some of the most common types of woods used to make the strongest outdoor rustic wood benches.

Type Of Wood Used For Outdoor Rustic Wood Benches Properties
  • Resists splitting, hence a good choice for screws and nails
  • Solid but bendable, making it easy to carve and shape
  • Has an attractive style that’s perfect for a rustic look

  • Lightweight, making it an excellent choice if you plan to rearrange or move your wood bench
  • Paints and stains well, hence ideal if you want the bench color to match that of other outdoor furniture pieces
  • Retains moisture rather than drying out, making it more resistant to cracking

  • Has a beautiful wood grain that’s easy to stain and paint, increasing the variety of colors available
  • Naturally resists swelling and shrinkage, minimizing the chances of cracks and warping
  • Lightweight, hence can be moved around with ease

When choosing the wood for your outdoor rustic wood benches, ensure they feature the following qualities:

  • Insect and rot-resistant: Any outdoor wood bench should have a high degree of water resistance and avoid moisture absorbency. And even though wood is never impervious to insects, some species such as cedar and teak naturally repel bugs and insects, making them resilient to decay.
  • Climate resistant: The chosen wood for your outdoor bench should be strong enough to withstand the climate of your area. For instance, if the bench is to be placed in an open area where it’s likely to come into contact with rain or snow, ensure it’s made of a water and moisture-resistant wood like cedar or oak.
  • Easy to restore: With time, even the most resistant woods will weather out to a silver-gray color. So choose wood types that are easy to restore to their original golden colors, such as pine and cedar.

Note: A quality outdoor furniture cover will help protect your benches from rain or direct sun when they’re not in use for more than a few days. Ensure you invest in a breathable one to reduce the chances of mildew growth during rainy seasons.

And when it comes to variety, outdoor rustic wood benches have a lot to offer. They come in different styles, ranging from the classic back porch style to the rustic picnic style, to fit your individual styles and preferences.

Below are a few of the outdoor wood bench styles that Rustic Furniture Marketplace offers:

1 - The Classic Log Style

Outdoor log wood benches are crafted from whole logs using strong woods such as pine, hickory, red cedar, and aspen.

These rustic wood benches showcase the natural imperfections in the woods like knots, markings, and discolorations, and are characterized by the unique curves and shapes as observed in a natural log.

Rather than multiple wood pieces glued together, log wood benches are constructed from a single solid piece of wood.

This construction technique further preserves the benches’ structural integrity and natural strength. In turn, the benches become resistant to cracking and warping from the contraction and expansion that results from temperature changes.

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2 - The Rustic Garden Bench

The rustic garden bench is typically designed with a supportive backrest, providing comfortable seating as you admire your natural surroundings.

The benches feature an impressive slatted wood construction, with captivating clean lines, strong and sturdy frames and legs, and an excellent wood finish that will brighten up any surrounding.

Stunningly gorgeous, these rustic garden benches are the perfect addition to creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere for your yard, patio, poolside, or porch.

3 - The Rustic Picnic Bench

If you’re looking for the perfect backless outdoor rustic wood benches for your garden or patio, then these rustic picnic benches are for you.

Thanks to their backless nature, you can easily tuck them under your picnic table (like the one in the above image) and sit on them from any direction.

This provides you with ample sitting freedom, especially when you’re with friends and loved ones since they can approach the seats from any side and sit in their preferred directions.

While we would love to exhaust all the outdoor rustic wood benches in our catalog, time will sadly not allow us to do so, and we also understand how tedious going through every bench would be for you.

But briefly, here are a few other outdoor rustic wood bench styles worth mentioning, with their key features.


Viking Log Sawtooth Hickory Six Drawer Dresser
  • Heavy-duty garden bench
  • Rounded and sanded edges


Viking Log Sawtooth Hickory Six Drawer Dresser
  • Made with treated pine wood
  • Has a sitting weight capacity of 750 lbs


Viking Log Sawtooth Hickory Six Drawer Dresser
  • Features a rocking motion that makes it swing back and forth
  • Has built-in cup holders

Get Your Indoor and Outdoor Rustic Wood Benches Today

So there you have it. We hope that this list will help you decide on the best indoor and outdoor rustic wood benches for your space.

For versatile, durable, timeless, and stunning rustic wood benches, look no further than the country’s rustic furniture specialist—Rustic Furniture Marketplace.

We pride ourselves on our large hand-picked curated collection of indoor and outdoor rustic wood benches from some of America’s best crafters, such as Rocky Top and Creekvine Designs.

Browse our entire collection of rustic wood benches to make your order today and get to enjoy a lifetime of comfort and support.

"... The workmanship was outstanding and the easy-to-assemble bench was seamless. We will enjoy this piece for years to come and will definitely continue to be repeat customers."

— Kimberlee A., Verified Buyer 

Bonus: Rustic Furniture Marketplace offers a wide selection of American-made rustic outdoor wood furniture that are high-quality and built to last. With various styles and sizes available, you can find the perfect rustic outdoor wood furniture for your space.

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